I have come to realize sometimes you don’t know what you want, until someone asks you. Here’s an assignment I was given for my class.

I’m a student at His Call’s Kingdom Worship Institute.

Write a 500 word blog that answers this question: “If you could do anything
in the world and know that you could not fail (finances and personnel are
not an issue), what would you do?

I would endeavor to raise up a generation who understands the weapon they have in praise & worship, and how to combine it with intercession to change this world. I believe that God has called a generation to leave self behind, leave this current state and understanding of Christianity as we know it, and truly get back to what He’s (God) called us to be. Men and Women after God’s own heart, who are willing to self sacrifice to let His kingdom come and His, will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. My heart even now is to encourage a generation to stand for purity of mind and body, ones who will be nameless and faceless for His glory. I believe that this heartbeat would be instituted as a one year (possibly two year) discipleship program for young adults ages 18-24. The training center would be an on campus discipleship program. We would house 24 young adults for 10 months, 5 of which would be spiritual development & 5 months of ministry training. Our program would educate our students, equipping them with the tools of theology and doctrine. While studying the theological side of The Gospel, they would be encouraged to make it practical through chapel services, mission’s trips, and administrative opportunities as they walk out the calling of God on their lives. My heart is to compel a generation to look past what they feel God can and cannot use in their lives, and stop the separation of “my Christian walk, and my marketplace job”. In this aspect the student would be challenged to cultivate a marketplace ministry, to understand who they are called to during their 9-5 job and how to effectively minister while honoring the rules of engagement at their work place. But far beyond all of these goals, our deepest passion, the only thing we would be able to measure success in is the worshipful hearts of the students on the campus, would be developing the worship lifestyle of all who come through the door. Students given an opportunity to return for a 2nd year would become our ministry team. We would send out ministry teams that would travel to youth ministries, churches, schools, and neighborhoods, parking lots. They’re ministry efforts would include preaching, teaching, music, dance teams (style including contemporary and step), children’s ministry, counseling, food giveaways, Women’s ministry and health reconciliation, once again combining the life with marketplace aspect and ministry. After all is said and done our teams will hopefully finish the program strong and be prepared to enter into whatever facet of ministry God has called them to (be it the pulpit, marketplace, or the home). Every student will receive a certificate of recognition, letter of recommendation, and the option of staying on staff to help make the vision bigger and more successful. Each student would have the option of “job” or ministry placement at the end of the program along with mentorship after they’ve completed the program. This vision is what I would ultimately do, on top of everything else I am called to walk out in the kingdom.

I know this blog is supposed to be 500 words (my word doc says 651 w/o your question), but I feel I must continue, ‘cos in the deepest part of my heart I feel called to the world, and to a lost people. I can remember some days, sitting here at my desk staring at my passport itching to hop a plane, land in Africa, set up in a field and worship. So to complete this assignment, I am not too sure this is a vision for the USA, as we have many worship & intercessory missionaries here. We have an abundance of resources and personnel if we look hard enough. So with money not being an issue, personnel not being a problem, and we were guaranteed success, this vision is for Africa.

657 words