I love songwriting because you never know who you are writing for.

I know many times I’ve written things in the past, only to call on them in the future as my prayer.  The more and more I write I’m beginning to find the truth and beauty in openness, brokenness, and contentment in God.
Its a beautiful thing.

Sometimes our song’s written become people’s  that last minute fix. The lyrics are the finale boost from the defibrillator, that heartbeat the kicks death in the face. You never know what God is calling you to write, so by all means


And write, I will.

I’m working on a few tracks and have been for the past 12 years, but  now I’m beginning to hit the diamonds God has buried deep within me. I’m not a pro-songwriter, but one thing I’ve learned is honesty. Out of everything I’ve written, since beginning this songwriting journey at 7, I’m more honest than ever before.

Maybe the honesty of my journey will effect a generation.