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I woke up this morning and just knew.

Knew what?

I knew, past tense, I was okay.

To know something is to have deep intimate knowledge. The present tense of know, makes you think now.  But I knew.

I have past tense knowledge that I was ok, I am ok, and everything was going to be ok. Thats a strong cup  to drink.

more on this later.

*I understand most of you who read my blog see my problems with tense’s in my writing, but this time around I know it.


So I’m looking

I need to find a place to worship.

I’ve been in a struggle for a year with church’s, church leadership, pastors, and the true meaning of it all. True meaning behind why God called for a leader such as a pastor.

So now I’m on the hunt…. I’m on the hunt for a church, a body I can truly stand with, believe in, grow with, and be honest with.

So I’m looking.

and I’m not above going back to SC every sunday morning for church at H.I.M.

not above it

Moving Forward

God called me to leave. He told me a long time ago 7 years, by the time I neared that time frame I thought this was the place I’d settle down, and be for a long time, but he’s had more in store. This is the letter I wrote my group a day after I taught for the last time. Legacy, what will the say when they remember me.

December 15, 2008

I’m writing this email with a weird mixed of senses and emotions.
As I hope all of you know the new things that are taking place in your lives, driven, and in my life, I wanted to write this, my last devotional as the ministry head for the college ministry at New Life. Weird huh?
I didn’t think this day would come, nor this soon, but God has other plans.
Over the past year we’ve talked alot of about moving forward, and doing things you’ve never done, your purpose and destiny, little did I know what I was being prepared for.
Last night, in our last service of the year (and my last service), I received many questions on whether I am excited and ready to do what God has placed in my hands. Truthfully, its been a bittersweet symphony of emotions. Thats what I want to write about today.
Remember when Jesus was leaving and promised a comforter for them, and that new things were to come, awesome things. I can imagine as much as Jesus knew it was time, He still felt a pull from the ones He loved, taught, and shared the best times of His human existence. Remember He was wholly God, and wholly man.
Well thats how we will all feel when God promotes us to something new.
We get caught between its time, I’m ready, I didn’t do enough, say enough, give enough, I’ll do better with this next opportunity.
I want it particularly known to all of you, I will miss you very much.
I’ve been apart of the new life family for 7 years in Febuary, and I can honestly say moving forward isn’t easy. Dont be fooled, you can take a step into your destiny easily once you make the decision too, but that doesn’t mean backing your bags from one place, and walking over the threshold of our new home goes without looking at old pictures, and wondering will you ever have an awesome time again in your new life.
But you move forward anyway knowing there’s a promise for a hope and a future for you.
Last night was awesome, every night was awesome that I had with you guys! Anyway I love you all, will be praying for you all, and will always remember where you all impacted me in my heart and soul.
I’ll be around new life untill mid january and then I will be leaving, so I’d like to spend some time with you all.

God Speed, and always remember keep moving forward.

heather nicole toler
* the one He picked for a season

“Courage is not the absence of fear but the judgment that something else is more important than fear. The brave may not live forever but the cautious do not live at all. For now you are traveling the road between who you think you are and who you can be.”

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