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Tonight, while watching Rachael Zoe, I layed out my clothes, my shoes, my accessories for tomorrow. I carefully combed over my makeup kit, picking out my face for tomorrow, picking it out because I am now a walking advertisment for my business. I ran out to my car, during a comercial break, grabbed my zebra print wallet to switch out for my owl print, while stepping out of my vehicle I peaked my red ‘life’ band hanging around my gear shift, suddenly my mind thought ‘perfect accessory!’

I can honestly tell you two seconds after thinking it I felt nauseated from the concept.

So here’s my I can’t go to sleep without getting this off my chest question:

Why is social justice sexy?

Why is it a moral fashion statement for those in my age group to be seen with a red piece of rubber around their wrist? Why is it even more awesome to be photographed with red tape across our mouths? Why are like minded h.o.p.ers identified by this red rubber around their wrist. Why am I more inclined to think a guy is cute when I spy this accessory on him?

Don’t get me wrong, I am more than anything FOR LIFE! But I tend to run away from our trends that seperate us. badly, from the rest of society, this includes the wwjd wrist bands we all wore that one year during youth camp.

So I have to check myself.

I have to check myself when I give to hati, is it because I want to help or because giving, especially to hati, is fashionable.

I have to check myself when I make a fuss about where my coffee comes from and how, is it because I believe in the local economy or because its chic to get my coffee from crossroads instead of the ‘bucks.

I have to check myself tomorrow in my dr’s office while wearing that red band around my wrist, is it because its a power color that matches my straight leg blue jeans and compliments the black tee under the silver vest, or because i believe in life.

Why is social justice sexy?

*Jaime, totally been unable to get rid of this thought since our three hour coffee at globehoppers. Keep doing what you do.


This kids gonna sleep well tonight!

its a beautiful day. I celebrate the ressurection power,  that raise Christ from the dead, and Bosox, well…. I’m sure you’ve heard by now.

Its official 2010 is gonna be a beauty!