I’m a self cynic, i’ll admit. Matter of fact, that is probably one of the first things I inform people.

I’m a self cynic, seeing my glass as half empty and yours half full.

So love, yeah…. Love is one of those things.

I don’t believe in fairy tales.

I don’t believe we should go kissing some frogs and hope the prince comes out.

I don’t believe in Plato and Edgar Cayce’s ideas of androgynous souls who were two souls together, male and female,spilt by the greek gods, out of fear, forever doomed to wander the earth searching for their other half. The one who completes and complements them.

i believe love is complicated. i believe love is a choice. i believe love is, what it is. not defined by a textbook, not define by the best philosophers or thinkers, but defined by our actions and willingness to stay.

Love is probably one of the most earth shattering, head turning in delight, awesome yet soul shaking experiences ever. Love is complicated. The realization of love for someone is possibly the most frightening experience of human existence while also doubling as the most enlightening. Enlightening because you see what you reflect, what you want to be, don’t want to be.

love is…. what you make it.