Ever prematurely tweeted something, and got grief for it?

I hate to say this, but it feels good when ‘things’ come around. People made their bed and layed in it with pride. Clean hands and pure heart.

Here is it friend, this is where I’ll rephrase and redeem myself hopefully, but if not that’s ok.

Sometimes, in life, we go through circumstances. We deal with people, their judgment, and wrath. I used to get mad when things wouldn’t go my way, when someone would offend me, spitefully use me, but then the rebuke of the Lord came upon me and reminded me so deeply.

DO NOT – pay them back

DO NOT – try and change them with anger and even kindness

Do – come to me and allow me to change it.

The Lord showed me, that he moves a situation much quicker than my stupid attitude, wounded heart, and offended christian letter could ever fix.

In the past, almost two years, I’ve learned to surrender the hurt, and let God do the dealing.

As humans we have consequences, we ‘make our bed’ and we ‘lay it in’. Unfortunately, the thing that bugs me is when people do it in pride. Ignorance is one thing…

In this situation, I never prayed for vindication, just that God would bless them and fix their hearts, but to fix and correct mine first. And now here He is with his swifer mop, cleaning up the years worth of dirt.

Please hear my heart, I can’t say, I say this without pride, because that would be pride itself. So, now here on my blog, publicly and with twitter, I admit that was wrong for posting that, but I will be honest and say I’m glad God is starting to move upon ‘that’ situation and clean out some closets.

I so happy that their hearts are softened enough that God’s pressure can come down and begin to deal with the real issues and real hurts which provokes the sin, and the sin against their brothers.

So again, deal with me first God. Forgive me for having joy in this table turn, and show me to continue to walk in grace and compassion.