I’m not a preacher…. I’m a moses. I’m the one who feels like I’m gonna pass out when I’m standing in front of others and asked to speak.
I play keyboard, write songs, and yet i struggle to open up my mouth and declare with boldness the name of the one I love and serve.

I’m not a revolutionist, but I’m a runner.

For a year I’ve been actively asking, ‘What are the greater things?’ and ‘ What do they look like?’ And today , a few minutes ago I felt overcome with the desire to do something big, bigger than me, bigger than Richmond, Charlotte,Africa, and Italy, wherever. I’ve been overcome to do something bigger than what I’ve done with the 25% out the 100% of my life I’ve lived. My desire is not out the need for applause (which makes me nervous) or my name being out there (which is weird), but for the impact it makes. Even when I was serving in a leadership position amid young people, I wanted to do more, serve more.

So here I stand again wanting to do something BIG. BIGGER than the Now, LASTING in its EFFECT. i want to do something that MATTERS, MATTERS before men, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY GOD. Greater things… greater things are yet to come.

Maybe I need to reread Driven by Eternity, which set me off on this journey 4 years ago.