Try this on for size: Through Your Eyes Pt 1 Touchable

When God wants to show me something, he has to put it in my face!


So the next two post are about a recent breakthrough in my life, in my worship life, and whats to come.

I woke up this morning kinda rough. My body feels off, I have a few things I’m concerned with, lots on my mind, lots in a play.

But one of the many things that bring me joy in the morning is to see the short people I work for.  The short people I work are, well just that, short.

They are some awesome kids, with awesome hearts. To these kids I’m not a worship leader, I’m not a writer, I’m not a whatever I am to everybody else, I’m just heather. There friend, caretaker. I’m there jumping bean, they can flip and skip all over me.

These are my short people

So every morning after I do my drop off’s I come in and my buddy Vj is there to greet me. Our tradition is I come in and yell ‘VJ!!!’, he looks and he yells  ‘mhm header’ he runs jumps in my arms, grabs my face and stares at me. I kiss his forehead, he  kisses mine.

So this is my morning routine, which makes my long days and nights somewhat easier.

The next two posts are about an  experience I had this week where God broke in and took the pain away, but this one is the set up to it, I had been asking for.

See this morning, when I came in and did my morning ‘VJ!’, VJ refused me. He didn’t react to my presence. He didn’t respond when I beckoned him to me. I even went and scooped him up in my arms, held him, and  even there he was preoccupied. Busied with the toy in his hand. Busied with his 4 year old body being tired. Busied with the things of his little life.

So what did I do?

In that moment he was scooped in my arms, I kissed him on the forehead and said I love you. I Put him down, and decided it was ok, I would wait for his affectionate response.

God does that.

No sooner did I put him down, did the Lord remind me that – that was me. I had gotten to a place where I refused Him, God, His morning loving. I had gotten so preoccupied with my world, my pain, I decided not to greet him.

God is lovable and desires our love, our affection.

What are you holding back? and why?