I’m sick of the sour puss christian face I make consistently.

So I decided that 2010 is a year of life, and I wouldn’t simply exist anymore, but live. I’m working on my plans of relocating, figuring out where God has destined for me to be. Pursuing the joyous path God has set apart for me.

So in the midst of that, I’ve come to a conclusion:

Our happiness isn’t necessarily what makes others happy

So I may be happy, moving away, starting over with my life. But other’s may not. Theyre maybe some folks who will be hurt by my pursuit of happiness and where I belong.

So where do we draw the line?

Whats that perfect median of my happiness and the happiness of others.

Am I to just move forward and trust over time things will be better?

Am I to accept that the hurt that others feel, may be God using me to shake them up alittle?

or am I to just stop – stop being selfish- and exist for others?

Another game of questions and answers