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First lesson of the new year:

When your spidey sense is gone, you just…….. be.

I’m not even sure what day it was, Saturday maybe Friday, not sure, check the previous post, but I’m resolved to simply trusting. Trusting God completely for my family.

Granddad took a spill and was rushed to the hospital and now on a Vent. I tweeted, and texted everyone I knew. I sat in shock. I threw on worship music. I waited. I played my guitar, stringing out some ‘tomlin’ and ‘the river’ by springsteen, I moved in and played quickly. I played and played, regretting my inability to know something was amiss in my family, especially sense I was up since 2:30 am and now it was 1pm. So I played a distorted A-chord, and played it again. And then came G, D, Am, before I knew it –  there was a familiar spirit tune coming out. All I could match to the music was, ” I will worship you’ and ” We lift you up, above all things.”

Sitting here now I realize the depth of such a simple lyric. Months ago, maybe even a year now I sent out a text to many friends declaring, “Give God your ‘All – things’, so He can take those ‘all – things’ and work them to our good and His greater purpose.” Rounding the fear and pain in my heart the other morning, I really can’t remember what day it was, I did nothing and could do nothing but give it ‘All’ to Him. I wonder what other ‘All – things’ He’s waiting on me to give up.

So I’ve learned: When the spidey sense is gone, you just be His. Give Him praise, wait, and trust that He’ll turn those  ‘all-things’ into Good things.

btw: Granddad did wake up. Not only did he wake up, but he made the nursing staff take the vent. Not only did he make them take the vent out, but he asked when he could get back home.

God is good!