Ok, so we’ve got what…. like a day or so left in 2009. Every year we set out with a list of things we’d like to accomplish this next year. I’m trying to do things differently this year though, instead of everything looking back at what I didn’t do – how’s about looking at what I did do and hadn’t done before.

So here goes: I’m recounting my ’09 while listening springsteen…

10. Dropped3 dress sizes – went from an 18 to a 12!

9.  Said goodbye to my driven family

8. Was single the entire year – and didn’t die!

7. Began working with His Call

6.  Graduated from the Kingdom Worship Institute

5. Decided to leap into Makeup Artistry

4. Started writing again: Songs and Blogs

3. Got to know my imperfections just alittle bit better

2. Grew closer to my family

1. Got discontent in my relationship with God

In all those experiences – I wrote alot. Wrote about the pain of moving forward, the joy of reconciling my life unto something more than my original pain, I wrote what was on my heart and soul from my vinvecias. Life’s experiences.

The one thing I learned ever so clearly was:

When writing in ignorance, believe God is prompting you to wrestle with Him concerning His heart in that moment.

I learned to write what I was feeling, to be honest – and trust that my honesty about my own struggles may be the prescription for someone else’s freedom.

Here’s a few of the more ‘meaningful’ post from this year.

9. Moving Forward – A Goodbye to Driven

8. Post Hoc, Propter Ergo Hoc – After it, therefore because of it.

7. There’s A Crack In My Pot -Learning that  Brokenness isn’t so bad after all

6. Like A Princess & Her King – I’m always His princess, no matter how old I am, how strong I am, Weak I am – I belong to my father.

5. Overcoming The Pit – Learning to break the back of betrayal, before it breaks me.

4. No More Ishmael’s – In other words – no more making God promises happen. If He promised it – I won’t fight to gain it – He will bring it to pass.

3. Sometimes I wish… – We’ve Always Been, Who We Always Were.

2. And Who Supports The Pastor? – They support us, but who supports them?

1. He Turns To Offer You An Answer Part 1 and Part 2 – I learned that sometimes I’m not ready for the truth, especially God’s. The beautiful thing is – He’s a gentleman, He will wait till your ready!

So since I’m choosing to not make a list of resolutions for 2010 here’s what I’m focusing for…..

2010 – Smells like Life

Go for it! Everything you’ve ever dreamed of – JUMP!

You coming up for the rising?