Saturday afternoon, while driving from spending time with my pastors, I received a tweet from a pastor in Seattle.

The tweet in its essence was asking for prayer, as he was dealing with 2 tragedys less than 48 hours apart. I scrolled down to see the replies, and one stuck out to me so deeply. The tweet simply said:

I am praying for your mental and emotional stability

I kept driving down Hull St, met up with a friend and her daughter for some coffee. We began to chat about ministry, and its slipped out of my mouth, how if your not careful ministry can be a depressing place. I say that with ease, as I was volunteer staff at a church in which we dealt with many deaths, drug /alcohol addicted men and women, broken families. We saw stuff, and heard stuff, felt stuff. See most people think its hard to be a cop, which is it, because of the dangers you face, the things you see. In the same frame of mind , many think its hard to be a Dr/Nurse because of the lives you save and the ones you lose.

Truth be told, its hard to be human.

Life is full of anomalies in which we experience things that shatter our heart if we have no one to turn to. With that said, with all the love and kindness in the world, can I ask you one question?

and who supports the pastor?

The pastor dedicates babies, baptizes people, on a weekly basis they watch as God snatches another soul from hell, they marry, they bury, the do their best to love theirs, their flock, the body. The pastor serves as counsel, but who counsels the pastor?

Who is there for the pastor?

I’ve never operated in the official capacity of “pastoral staff” , and if I have the choice I will not, so I cannot say, from experience as a pastor I know hurt. But was I was leader. I was a leader who saw the rebellion and saw obedience. One who saw the joys, and who experienced loss.

So again, who is there for the pastor?

When I was a kid, my parent unknowingly taught me never to complain or ask for help. Through comments like, “We’ll talk to God about that.”, when they didn’t have the time or whatever the case may be. And truthfully, working in a college and career ministry I did the same. Being a member of a church whom people respected my opinion – I did the same. The truth is when people reach out to us, we should at the least:

1.Listen – few seconds, minutes, hours, a life.

2. Embrace them – be it emotionally, offer a hug, a king word.

3. Pray with them that God shows up!

The comfort of God is an amazing thing, nothing, NOTHING could ever be as effective as His love covering us. But, BUT, there are times in life wherein you’d like someone with skin on – to relate to. Times in life, in which God uses someone with skin on to minister to you.

Unfortunately we are building a generation of people – pastors- who feel if they can’t handle it- it is a sign of weakness as opposed to humanity. There’s nothing wrong with reaching out for help. Nothing.

This springs out of my heart being broken over a pastor committing suicide, an amazing pastor who had an amazing ministry, wife, children, success- or so it seemed.

So who supports the pastor?

This blog isn’t to place blame, but to hopefully evoke a response in the body that says,

” YES, Pastor, I Support You!”

“Pastor, How Can I Help You!”

“Pastor, I Am Praying For You”

Who supports the pastor?

How can you support your pastor….

God bless.