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There are some things that change your perspective.
There’s a view point, if you will, only provided through the eyes of another.

The view point I’ve been seeing today is from my niece/little sister. Technically, she’s neither, but in the same breath she’s everything.

Destanie aka Bug is my viewpoint, and what we are looking at is God & All His Glory.
Bug is an amazing little creature, and everyday I get to spend with her, is a day I learn something new.

Last week while driving in the car, she asked me a question.
This question reaffirmed my current undergrad status in my walk with God, actually, maybe its community college!

Anywho, my darlin bug, asked me if I knew what Angels looked like.
So I tread into my bible college days, and begin to explain to her out of Isaiah and Revelation. She interrupts my theological fru fru talk and proceeds to tell me what Angels look like:

“They look like sparkly cow toes.” – Destanie

I spat my coke and hit the breaks as I didn’t know where to go from there. LITERALLY!

This child continues to tell me a scripture she read with her mom, out of Ezekiel where it explains how they have the feet of a calve, and their color is of bronze and etc.

I quickly realized that a child easily accepts the truth and simplicity of life, heaven, and earth.
In my own eyes, angels scared me. I knew they were towering creatures, who were to give us messages, protects us, and more importantly fill the throne room with Worship. Whereas in her minds eye, they were beautiful, soft, sparkly, touchable things we visit often at Maymont Park.
The key word is Touchable….
We find things unreachable, but to a child, everything is reachable, especially in dreams.

This is also the child who has a dream God-himself, picked her up from school and took her to heaven to hang out and watch Wheel of Fortune.

God is Touchable!
Heaven is Touchable
Belief is Touchable!

So sitting there, in the drivers seat of the car, my new perspective was sparkly cow toes.