Aight peeps!

So here’s my deal:

I’ve had lots of changes this year.


Left my home church

Started traveling & working in a new ministry

Became an undergrad at Liberty U

Experienced a new level in my relationship with God

Started writing again

God started healing broken pieces of my heart


I split my time between Richmond & Chalotte, NC.

So, with all of these changes, all of these healings, all of these blessings,

its time for the temple!

So check this vid out from LosWhit

Ragamuffin Soul 30 Day Holiday Health Challenge from Carlos Whittaker on Vimeo.

Aight guys, so if you are interested click on this link to his sight: Carlos Whittaker

So here are my goals

Checking in from Richmond/Charlotte!

I’m so down with this challenge bro, its been on my heart big time to make some changes!

Physical – Drop 1 size in Jeans and Shirt! 12/Xl

Spiritually – Up early every morning to have a time of worship & prayer time with God!

Relationally – Meet new people! Get involved at church!