Lots on my mind right now, so bear with me.

I’ve learned alot in my short life of 22 years. I’ve learned from people, circumstance, heart break, joy, triumphs. In a conversation I had with my mom a few weeks ago, she said I should be thankful for a few things I’m dealing with in the moment. Because no matter how uncomfortable I am, I am learning something. To this I responded:

Its fine and dandy I’m learning something, but sometimes you just have to put the book down!

What book is that you might ask……

Well I can’t disclose that, simply because I have alot of folks around me who are easily offended, as am I truth be told. But I’m ready to put the book down. My normal, or new normal life is working with my mom, interning with an awesome ministry, and doing school. So my life ends up with me being away on most weekends and some weeks because of school. The crash comes when I’m “home” in Richmond.

I’ve come to find myself, if here for an extended period of time, apathetic in the worst way possible.

Now, lets check some of your possible fault finders on the list.

  • YES, I got to church! Not your church, but I do attend church at home.
  • YES, I do read my bible
  • YES, I do worship
  • YES, I do pray!

Now that we have that clarified, here’s my statement:

I’ve come to see that there are most definitely physical places that stunt your spiritual growth.

Nuff said?