In humanity, I inhumanly fight

I fight me

I fight to breathe

When I’m the one suffocating me

Snuffing out my own life

Trying to realize what is wrong and what is right

What is God’s and what is mine

But I’m not of my own making.

I’m an undertaking

Fashioned by the father

Birthed by a mother.

I came naked

Essentially me

and thats how I will leave….



I will admit this one’s alittle different guys. But then again, I’m alittle different truth be told. No, to be truthful, I am alot different. I’m on a ‘Get Real’ kick, in my life right now. My desire is to be who God made me, unashamedly, ready to roll with His [God’s] purpose. This still goes with the theme of the blog for now, but its short. I hope it effects the purposes of God in your life, and causes you to take the perversion out and allow God’s truth to enlighten you – to you!

We’ve always been who we always were. Yet, when Adam discovered who he was [naked] he existed in shame. Sin perverts who God already made us. It makes us ashamed of what we’ve always been. We begin to categorize what is God’s & what isn’t. When the truth is, its all God’s. If you take out the perversion [ if you take satan out of the picture] , it returns us to our first existence, Freedom, wholeness, truth. The very you God created you to be. Stop falling for the enemies game, be OK with who God made you to be, no more shame, no more chains. Ladies and Gentleman, its time to be free.

There is nothing wrong with who you are, what you want, where you want to go. So stop fighting yourself. You are His, God’s child. So everyday, pick up your cross and kick satan out of the equation.

Fyi, the painting is not mine. Its a fresco of Adam and Eve.