I’ve come to understand a few things within the past few weeks….

Its time to just get real!

Our society, our churches, schools, homes, and relationships are built on a facade of perfection, a facade of insecurity, or a facade of pride.

How can we go anywhere, do anything, have healthy lives, loves, and futures if we are unwilling to be real.

So here’s the realness you will now encounter in this blog:

I am a flawed human

A human who is a lover, a lover of God.

My humanity is not a sign of weakness or even perfection, but a sign that ‘I’m just not there yet.”

Everyday I strive

In my striving, I have to consistently remind myself that this effort I’m driving towards is not for myself.

Its not for my wealth, not my success, nor my own happiness, but my wholeness.

The key to being whole, is being in Him.

And in Him there is great joy and happiness.

By Him, I mean the Great God Jehovah

The beginning and end

So here I stand, again, a flawed human being

Whose striving to become a mature christian.

As I am growing tired of being God’s embarrassing child throwing a tantrum in the supermarket of life with my Christianity.

What’s up for purchase?

Souls, kingdom advancement, wholeness, His Will.

I’m feeling like its the right time for me to pick my book back up.

Experiencing the Depths of Christ by Jeanne Guyon, not sure why, but six months ago I was only 3 chapter in, chewing on the steak I had just gotten. The funny thing is the writer says to Stop Reading and meditate, I guess i did. On to chapter four.

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