I was 18.
I was driving on Chippenham Parkway, in my car.
I looked up, into my rear view mirror, to see what was happening with the traffic behind me.
In my seconds long glance, I note a big rig. An 18 wheeler, behind me, and lots of cars on my right.
As my gaze turns from my rear view mirror to my windshield, keeping up with the traffic in front of me, everything goes red.
With the red that suddenly meets my eyes, I hear a smash, the kind of smash you fear when your inside of a car.
The kind of smash a New Yorker describes when a suicide jumps and lands on something inconvenient.
With the smash, came the glass, came the fear, came the crash.
At least I thought it did.
Yeah I thought I was dead
Driving with no visual, and thoughts of a death trap behind me, with 18 wheels, I can’t see, I can’t believe this could be the end of me.
18 and what have I lived for…
What have I died for, nothing…
not my own happiness even.
Partying with the friends, no I didn’t drink but I’ll buy yours and for sure we’ll all have a good time.
See I, I was a bone-a-fide sell out.
But there was a way out.
Even though it was I, stuck inside my car, glass shards impeded in my arm, I felt the angels carry my car, and lead me to safety.
Suddenly I hear the horn, and wind of 18 wheels avoiding me avoiding me and breathe in ‘cos I’m safe.

Sitting alone, on the parkway I breathe and scream, and see His mercy, then an angel appears.
You know, like a roma downy,touched by an angel, no andrew here, one in the flesh.
She was an angel wearing scrubs, said to be on her way home.
Although I don’t believe she was a nurse in this life, but an angel in disguise.
She’s standing to my right, scares me when she cried, are you ok, are you alright?
Shaking, sniffling, trying to believe its all reality right now.
See that’s what happens when mercy steps in, when you know what should have happened. When you see what’s coming for you with your eyes, then feeling only its wind when its passes you by.
See that’s what happens, when the tow guy comes to your house, trying to figure out who was in the car and did they survive.
Thats what happens when your sitting in a car, glass shards in your arm, and you don’t have to reach very far to touch what should have killed you….
But when mercy steps in….
Well, you can finish the rest