My name is heather and I’m 22 years old

22 years of being one with cultured blood

cultural tugs

some say mutt

other’s say mulatta

But I reckon to differ

because you can’t find me on a grocery store shelf

Nor can you pick me up at pet smart, your so smart

I’m 22 and amazed by you

Amazed by the ignorance we once saw as 14 year olds

Walking down the hall you joked and call me a dog

I’m not a dog

I’m a human

A human whose mother is mixed, white, Cherokee, and black she’s human

My daddy was a mixed breed

Dark skin, curly hair, red man

his daddy had itailian blood, roots like luciano

while is momma was a beauty queen, afro cuban dancing queen

He watched her clean, and clean to survive so did my white grandmother

who smoked all her life

Trying to attain and mantain the american look

after all she wasn’t white, she was just that way by looks

Her mother birthed her in shame, with a white man to name

He was her father

But in those days you didn’t even bother

Those days you denied the other part, the other heart

The other heart was dark so they hushed her up

Kept her hushed up to blame, telling her to proclaim

I’m a white woman so she had the best chance, blind romances

Stopped in the park

Richmond police stopped them in the park

1962, my grandmother and grandfather, stopped

they thought this man who loved her was harrasing her

So now I stand 22

Mulatta, mut, bautiful and you

I know my history, both the good and the bad.

I know one thing else I’ll often take what I have

See I didn’t grow up celebrating kwanza or hispanic pride

nor did I know anything of itailia other than santino and michael

the godfathers child

But I’m 22 and I refuse

I refuse to birth a generation so confused

Swayed by a culture saying you need to be this or that

But proud of their mixture cos of the catch it creates

The created is creative, white, yellow, black and red

Although my four year niece once said

She said with her blonde hair, green eyes, matte skin lookin light

Mariah Carey frizzed out curl

While playing dolls with the girls

They looked and looked trying to figure out

what exactally she is, how does she look the part

niether overtly black

nor white she rocks

but she’s unique to the sun

and glory spots

the four year old jazmine looks her way to ask

What color are you destanie

Dessi looked and laughed


Purple is a color created by mixing Red and Blue together.

If your confused youtube barney look for the color song

Maybe it’ll stop you where we all went wrong

Past our colors and shade

Past our cultures and raid

We were made to love and be love, to give love, and make love

Get your mind outta the gutter, not just that kind

But everyday waking up and choosing not to be blind

Choosing to love and make things to give in love

Past the color purple

and bright shinning sun

Past who looks like a raisin or a vanilla wafer

Truth is

it doesn’t matter