For many years I’ve been afraid to sleep

For I know it won’t be a peaceful sleep

I’m taken to a place where demons invade

And my very conscienciouness is fair game

I’d sit awake , counting minutes as they pass.

1, 2, 3 o’clock how long will this last

I feel no comfort till the break of dawn

Where they’re are no more shadows

and satan’s spawns are gone

The things I see is shearly frightening

Loved ones, future hopes, and myself crushed by an enemy

The interesting part is he knows where to find me

Only on my bed of rest can he disarm me

Shadows lurking, my heart is hurting

I still somehow believe you will redeem what he steals from me

So for now I lay in wait, and continue to pray

That one day this bed of haunting will no longer be

Rest will come, as will peace

Suddenly I’ll begin to see

Your angels, your vision, your plans for me

Infiltrating my dream and no longer an enemy


No longer

I’ll rest in peace

Not the kind thats six feet under

but the kind provided by a trinity

Even in the worst fears of my sleep

You redeem me

So redeem me

Take back my sleep

For now I lay me down

praying you keep

not only my soul

but my mind

my emotions

my dreams

my fears

my hopes

my plans

Please keep me….