I haven’t written in awhile, although I’m not sure anyone actually reads this thing.

So here’s whats up… life is good.
In a week I board a plane for Charlotte, I’m mucho excited!
I’m sure I will not want to come back, but  its all in time.
All I can write is…. I’m blessed.
Beyond measure. Sometimes in life we have a bucket out labeled blessed, and in that bucket only the things we ask for can go in it. The bucket sometimes holds that perfect man or woman, the bucket holds that new car, or promotion at work, it can be labeled as many things. But see I’ve been learning to be content in everything and nothing at all.
So my bucket, that I have sitting out on the porch of my heart, labled, “blessings” is set aside for the daily protection I didn’t ask for, its set aside for the grace God had over me to jackhammer somethings and people out of my life, its set aside for the family God’s given me that I didn’t ask for, the love he’s placed in my heart I didn’t ask for.
See I’m starting to think that the biggest blessings ever given to us from the Father, are the ones we didn’t even ask for.
With that said I can only imagine how much more He wants to do when we ask!
Thanks for the protection daddy, the love, hope, and honor, especially since I didn’t ask for it.

A few weeks ago I was invited to come and hear my friend Efa speak. That week I was so frustrated with my job, and school and etcs. I was flying off the handle left and right….

My last post talked about how we need to learn to go climb up our daddy king’s lap and let him remind us of we are, and where we are going. That night was a divine appointment for me. I got before the Lord and ask him to search my heart, that the plans I’ve layed out aren’t for my benefit, but his kingdom. My friend came up behind me and prayed a few words over me, and I broke.

I broke because my bucket of blessings we set aside for the tangible, instead of what he was doing in my heart. I profusely repented before God. Asking forgiveness for doubting him, and for doubting his heart toward me. Afterall he wasn’t somebody ont he street, but according to jeremiah he’s got great plans for me.

So what is your bucket of blessings set aside for?

I encourage you to look through yours, as I am looking through mine.

Love yall