nothing beats the love of a father.

nothing can every trump being able to shrink in age and size, and curl up in the arms of everlasting and allow Him to return you to childhood, safety, and comfort.

The other day I was in an amazing service in Newport News. There was a powerful altar service and during that I kinda jumped out of my own body and viewed myself from God’s eyeview. So Im worshiping and praising God, and suddenly I see my own physical movements, and mannerisms. I notice that I am not worshiping like a church goer, nor am I like a teenager, I’m not jumping up and down or raising my hands so that the tips of my finger don’t exceed my shoulder blade, nope, none of that.

I notice I’m pacing and walking back and forth, fidgety and yet content. Not in a rush, just there, before the king. Before the king I’m ok, before the king there are no questions of who I am and what I should do, and even if they’re were the king would tell me. See before the king I am who I’ve always been,

Today, and the past few weeks I’ve been battling with picking things up and “trying” to make them happen for me. Bigger than that for years I’m been stuffing myself into a mold that I thought people expected me to be, instead of just trusting my heart. So today I sat overwhelmed with me! Overwhelmed with my stuff, my schooling, my career, my future, my looks, my wants, my needs, and what I think all those things should look like.

Its only when your out of character that you feel uncomfortable. Only when your out of character that you give up on dreams. But see none of that matters before the king. Because even when you forget, He reminds you.

Just like a daddy does, that its ok,you belong to him, your beautiful, whole, confident, strong, and well able to do anything you want too.

So today I had to go back to the four year old me, with shuffling feet, and fidgety hands, and get before my king daddy and let him remind me.

you always give me something to write!