So lets start with a story.
See there’s this guy name Abram and his main squeeze Sarai.
Abram and Sarai had no kids, and one day God says I’m going to give you a promise and a name change.
Abram was told he would be the father of many nations, and to changed his name to Abraham and sarai’s to Sarah.

Impatience became the problem.
and thats where have been, am now, and will be, simply because I am human.

I have my journals filled with prophetic words, filled with my hopes and dreams and I also have my promises from the Lord.

Sometimes in the waiting things get hard, sometimes you cannot see the promise happening or its seems to impossible. Sometimes we get in the frame of mind that says, ” Well let me just help you out God.” , and more than anything we mess it up. We get that thorn in our side as a reminder to keep us humble and trusting, paul had one remember?
Anyways I’m learning to either trust God completely or not at all.
Its a waste of time to say I trust you and then take the key back.
I say no more ishmaels.
In the words of my pastor, ” We ain’t raising nobody else’s baby!” (referencing my new discovery of no more ishmaels)
See Ishmael completed his purposes I believe, but he wasn’t what God had promise Abraham and Sarah. Because they stuck their hands in his work, they complicated the outcome. It still was achieved, as all of us called him “father abraham” in children’s church, but reaked some havoc on innocent people.
So again I say, NO MORE ISHMAELS!
Wait for your promise and know your not alone.
I’m waiting for mine!

* Just as a sidebard this isn’t a preach against hagar and ishmael rant, but a hopeful reminder that when we take matter into our own hands we involved other peoples live, emotions, and destiny’s. I believe in many ways hagar and Ishmael was hurt by being cast off and etc. So hopefull we learn to be patient and allow God to show up instead of involving and hurting other. Don’t forgot God remember Hagar and gave her a promise too, seeing the injustice.
Lets also not forgot that two sons came together to bury their father.