I say this as if its a new thing, but in all honesty this particular crack has been in my pot the past 2 1/2, almost 3 years.

Let me explain where I am coming from.

See every church must have the really cool hippie saint…. you know those ones who came out of the Jesus movement, they still wear Birkenstock to church, those folks? Well the awesome part about those folks are God speaks to them so delicately and they hear Him and speak it. Well we had one of those couples at the church I was at and her name is  Claudia. Claudia is a wonderful woman, her graying hair wasn’t as much a sign of aging, but of wisdom. She was to me and still is a wealth of knowledge, love and care. Claudia was the best at explaining the potter’s wheel. Thats where we go back to, ” There’s a crack in pot!” See even in the word it says we are the clay and he is the potter. The thing about the potters wheel is that when are on it and he is making us into what He desires, if anything interferes with it , He just adds water, smashes it, and starts all over. In the same manner, when you just came out of the oven, and your pot is dried, life is good, and if anything has caused a crack He will then allow circumstances to smash us, so He can start over and make something completely new.  What was the event that puts a crack in your pot?

I’m still understanding what was the,”thing” that put a crack in my pot…. ‘cos I’m there, and have been stuck there for 2 years remember…

But here’s the wonderful thing, I now know there’s a crack in my pot, whereas a year ago I was, ” I am fine…. F.I.N.E… fine” and the spirit of the Lord was saying, ” No your not!”

So what do you do when there’s a crack in your pot?

Go back to the potter. Yes, it will hurt, because even though the crack might be small, or it may be big, He will not simply add some clay and seal it. No, He will smash it, and work your pieces into new, fresh clay and make something different.

So, you have a crack in your pot?

Are we willing to stop pacifying and kulking your crack with the things of this world. Are we ready to stop tring to fill the holes in your life with that man or woman, the drugs, or alcohol, are we ready to quit the pornagraphy,quit gambling, quit the addictive shopping, and numbing effect of watching tv and living in fantisy land because we think it will heal up that broken part of us? We are past the point of easy glue repair, so I guess this puts a new meaning to the term. ” Hey guys, lets go get smashed!”