I heard Joseph Garlington once say, ” When God asks you if you have an issue with something, don’t argue with Him, just say How long?”

I’m tired, my body aches, I’m just expended right. For the past 3 years I’ve delt with a back problem, a disease I live with, and an issue with my sciatic nerve.  When I get tired is when those things seem to flar up the most. When they flare up I get irritable. So tonight I go to rihop, wasn’t really trying to be there, as I was feeling tired. So we leave  near the end of the service and we go to grab food. Thats where the problem started. Driving  to the resteraunt or restarnot I should say I started to talk about a situation that bothered me tremendously today. Like bothered me to anger. I slowly realized, I don’t have patience. At my best I am a compassionate person, I love to love people, I love to envelope people, but at my worst oh boy! So I’m driving and having a silent conversation with the Lord, asking what is provoking my impatience with people. ‘cos its people. I’m okay with situations, because I’ve come to understand the longer I wait the better it will be.  but people, I tend to air on the side of why are you so obnoxious! Why is that? Why do I have a patience problem with people, but more surprisingly myself?