I was in the prayer Room earlier and man did I get rocked with revelation!

Seems like everytime I go, “just to gaze” he breaks up a chapter for me to complete understanding. The one that stuck out to me the most Jeremiah 8.

Lament  over Judah

A song or poem expressing deep grief or mourning


This chapter starts out with God singing his deep grief over judah, the people of praise. From what I have read, the
people of praise” made some not so good decisions and consequence was poured over them. The ignored Him, hey But even in that He still loved them, wondered why they thought He had forsaken them, and mourned with them.

In verse 21 he said, ” I am broken by the brokenness of my dear people”

Can you imagine your God, your father, creator of heaven and earth, being broken because of our brokenness?