I’m chillin, litterally, inside of Ukrops on Forest Hill & Cherokee, thinking.

This afternoon went totally different than I planned, and yet I still ended up with what I needed in the end. I was driving on 76, racing back to south richmond from Midlothian, and one of my favorites came on the radio.

You can’t Always Get What You Want, as penned by The Who

Boy did I breathe in and relax at all the things implied in that moment.

I have my own sense of time, when things should and shouldn’t be done. Its been a task learning that my timing and Gods timing is totally different. Growing up in a christian home whenever I wanted to do something or have something two different things were whipped out on me.

1.Let pray about it ( which usually means no).

2. God’s timing isn’t ours, a day is a thousand years to Him and a thousand years as a day.

Last night driving back from Newport News, the Lord really spoke to my heart about timing. I’ve been been for months trying to find a new laptop that was good enough to do everything God has tasked me to do, but needed it to be affordable, and yada yada yada. So everytime I went to go and purchase a laptop, the door would close, and I would get so disappointed and feel defeated, like is this ever gonna happen. But I had to learn it was in God’s infinite timing. I know this example of a laptop is so minute, but there are other situations this applies to as well.

We have a process to go through called life. A piece of this process is for us to learn God’s character. To know Him as good, as faithful, as loving and kind.

So in this I’ve learn, yes I can’t always get what I want, but in the end I get what I need, and what I need turns into what I want if I let it.