I just had an awesome staff meeting, and I say awesome because it was!
Let me paint a picture for you, I am the employee, I am also the owner’s kid, and always wrong.
This post isn’t out of self pity or angst or whatever. A geeky kid getting back “the man”, but a keen realization of what I want to win. I had alot on the table, and a lot to lose.
I walked out, feeling defeated, and feeling like I just couldn’t win.
Suddenly in my spirit I realized, this isn’t the fight I’d want to win.

Sometimes we go “strong- neck” on an issue, and lose control and respect for others, ‘cos we want to win. When we spin out of control, trying to win, we cross over into a new relm that cost’s relationship, time, money, and if your wrong it’ll take a long time to repair it. Its one thing to fix a broken toy house, but a heart takes much longer.

In conflict, ask yourself, what is it I’ll win by going further? If it worth it? What will it cost me. I can win this, yes, but at the expense of what?
If you win the fight, is it worth the cost?


There’s victory in the camp!