Proverbs 25:2

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter;
to search out a matter is the glory of kings.

Proverbs 25:8

Don’t jump to conclusions—there may be
a perfectly good explanation for what you just saw.

Websters defines Sovereign in many ways, two stuck me very deep

superlative in quality : excellent

: having undisputed ascendancy : paramount

I remember as a kid whenever we heard the term “God’s Sovereign” it was always in relation to tragedy and a word of encouragement to ” get over it” , God is God and you aren’t, so deal with it! As I have grown up, oh this past 6 months, I’ve come to realize God  sovereignty is ” God is so good, he will stop things that will in no way benefit us, even if it causes us deep pain”.

This morning I heard a story of loss, in which a man was ministered to by an atheist. In the face of deep heartache, God used an atheist to minister to a preacher! The man begin to explain the fall of man as we believe it, and how the world is imperfect, how maybe this loss was God protecting him, from a deeper heartache due to the condition of this fallen world. All in all the statement the man used was simply, “God saw fit! “WOW! That statement hit me then, and hits me now. God saw fit! I’m so set free by that statement, because it shows the protective heart, of God my father, the lover of my soul, the deepest love I’ll ever know! Deeper than the love a parent has for a child, one has for their spouse, a brother for a sibling, and a friend to a friend, deep calling unto deep, that kind of love. That my father see’s it fit to do whatever he has to do , regardless of how we may interpret it. Sometimes the world looks at tragedy and says mockingly ,” Is that the kind of God you serve?” or ” is that how much he loves you?”  Those moments are the moments where our sight, our visual  of the moment is in charge of our beliefs, when we’ve been commanded to do the opposite ( 2 cor 5:7). We judge before we see the final outcome. I’m not a parent, but a care taker of many ages, and I know first hand sometimes my foot has to go down to prevent something,and being a good care taker means you do what best for the one you care for, regardless of how they may or may not like it.

I’m still chewing on this God saw fit thing, and honestly I’m not sure I’ll ever truly grasp the full meaning of God’s Sovereignty, but then again He’s Sovereign.

In the midst of losing my father – He was sovereign

In the midst of being diagnosed with a brain tumor- He was sovereign

In the midst of hating myself, and everything I was – He was sovereign

Being a cutter, and dealing with suicidal tendancies as a teenage girl – He was sovereign

Dealing with losing my ability to play an instrument, and losing my vocal ability for three years – He was sovreign

Watching my friends lose the child they so longed for – He was sovereign

Stepping down from a ministry position that had me  very happy – He was sovereign

Walking away from a relationship with a guy I loved, and planned on spendning my life with – He was sovereign

Not knowing exactly what God is doing in my life – He is sovereign

As he answers my questions – He is sovereign