I think I annoy God sometimes with how much I think.

So many times in life we go through things. Things that make us question God, His sovereignty, His knowledge of what we need and don’t, why He didn’t move when we felt we needed Him to the most.
We end up with questions….

How does love so quickly turn to hate.
How could I have once loved someone so deeply I’d have spent the rest of my life with them, but now my love has grown so cold I wish I never met them.
Why do we exhibit life, rather than live it.
Why do I push it at high speeds that are dangerous, just so I feel alive.
Why do I need an answer?
Why can’t I just be silent?
Why can’t I just need nothing.

I grew up with people saying, ” even if you asked God why, he wouldn’t answer you”
I now know that to be false.
Tonight I asked Him many questions.
For the first time He turned to offer me an answer, and I realized that then, in that moment, I couldn’t handle it. I silenced Him and said, ” I’m not ready for it”
He turned back and said, ok.